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Ok, let’s get back to wages.

The earnings gap between men and women still exists today, but since the 1970’s:

  1. Women’s hourly earnings have grown more quickly than men’s, following a similar trend to GDP growth.
  2. Growth in median family income has largely come from increases in women’s earnings, rather than from men’s earnings.
  3. Earnings for both married and single mothers increased by about 33%.
  4. Married mothers’ contributions to total family income increased from less than one-third to about 40%.

In other words, women are bringing home more of the bacon, but we still have more work to do to ensure equal pay for equal work.

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This song originally accompanied William James’ set closer “Greet Death” when we played a handful of shows together on tour with Native Wildlife in July 2012.

The version above was recorded live in December 2012 during the ‘January MMXIII’ sessions at The Office in North Andover, MA and features a new original poem from William James:

Someone has tampered with

the clocks in this house. A hand

sweeps and ticks, marks the passage

of a single monotone second, then

an era passes before next motion.

We’re told time travels on a linear path,

some great creeping thing moving

steadily from one point to next,

but the transition is not smooth. This

morning is a stuck gear, a slow turning

of screw to thumb. The same moments

ad infinitum, the exact same day

lived and relived with agonizing slowness.

For an entire lifetime, the clock is stiff

as starched sheets; for an entire lifetime

the hands do not move. Then nothing happens

and the wheels begin to spin again.

Someone is tampering with the machinery here.

Someone is fucking with time. All we are is

slaves to sunset, the metronome, the mercury

switch. Faster and faster we run, striving for

escape velocity. Eternally stuck in low earth orbit,

our timers counting down, reaching zero,

resetting like pins on a polished lane. Nothing

is novel in today. It is as we are, the same

smoke oil and gunpowder’d rust. In the beginning,

as it is in the middle, as it never reaches the end.

We are copies of copies, degrading in quality

with generational decay. Smears of black ink

chipped off acetate and plate glass.

Audio engineered, mixed and mastered by Mike Moschetto. Video shot and directed by Aviv Marotz and Mike Moschetto. Edited by Aviv Marotz.

while we’re in a music video state of mind…

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